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linen and cotton fields

The conceptual objective of this piece is to picture the transformative dimension of textiles from a point of view of plasticity in chaos, the destructive sediment, and the distortion of environmental logic; through the superimposition of material elements, I review -ironically- the implicit seriousness of the processes of production, usability and waste of fashion. As a satirical indicator, I insert labels that define with their nomenclature and words, the ephemeral morality of the procedural orders with which clothes are made of legitimized.

This work is part of a series of an investigation directed towards understanding fashion as a threat to the environment and its different ecological possibilities. My project is based on the use of reclaimed materials (pieces and used clothes), along with chromatic treatments that mix materials and textures, but that also invite the spectator to use the senses to evaluate this contemporary problem: poetic evocation of chaos; material devices of sensory access to consciousness, or residual formulas of the brands and hyper conceptualization.

As for their reflective intentions, my pieces can be understood as “documentary series” that trace the different catastrophic phenomena of fashion; each material has it own participation in different industrial implications and more or less ecological impact.

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